Monday, February 20, 2012

Aaaaaaahh...the weekend

hi all!

i say all with disdain since i just realized feedblitz deleted ALL of my subscribers.  that explains alot...GRRRRRRR.  so if you managed to get here ANYWAY and would like to get back on the list to get my blog in your email sign back up at the right.  it's kinda amusing since for awhile i had the opposite problem and folks were getting it TWICE.

i had QUITE the fun weekend with TWO parties and a hubby willing to go it alone with little miss screechy on both saturday and sunday.  one of my goals for 2012 is to spend more time cultivating my friendships.  so that is what i did this weekend.  saturday i went to the Moms Night Out event with the moms club i have been in since pezza was a baby.  first i have to say that even tho i have not been terribly participatory that club has been one of the best things i have ever done.  when i raised my boys i always felt very alone and very much the outsider because i was not friends with any of the area moms, especially with all of the moving around we did.  but the town we live in now is very small, close knit and just fabulous.  so when it was time to sign up for preschool i realized i knew lots of the other parents already - makes a giant difference!  well when i ran into two of my faves, somphane and kacey, they convinced me to come out to the Rouge Spa with them and some other moms saturday night. we all brought some goodies to eat (i brought fruit with a dip made of a jar of marshmallow cream and a block of cream cheese - i highly recommend it).  then throughout the evening we all had very spa treatments done - mine was a fantastic massage - loved it!  also loved sitting and chatting with several of my fave friends and some new friends too.

then on sunday i did something totally new and totally fun that i am pretty sure will be going on ALL over the place this year - my first pinterest party!  AWESOME people!  EVERYONE should throw one of these in their area! 

it was put together by another of my fave people, Cori.  and let me tell you cori really knows how to throw a fun get together - she is a master!  this is what was going on in the bathroom :)

we all brought a food/drink item...

and a crafty item for show and tell that we got from pinterest - this included pinterest fails because let's face it - those are funny!
Cori had a table set up to put these out on

and then while we ate and drank (there were quite a few different alcoholic drinks that looked quite fancy but i didn't get to sample those because i don't drink)
here's my friend melissa showing one off - so nice to see her again!

we did show and tell:
Monica - paint chips, small punch and a ribbon - how cute and easy is that?!?!?!?  these are tinkerbells...

Sock bun - seriously way cool.  pezza and i attempted it last night but did not get it right so we will be trying again today.  i cannot for the life of me remember their names but isn't the daughter gorgeous?!?!  of course you could see better if the pics weren't blurry but i was apparently off my game yesterday.

i couldn't get a good pic from my angle but she also showed us a cute idea with maps and a simple floating frame from target.  she cut out the states where each family member was born after printing them out at home and mounted them between the panes of glass.  easy and cool idea!

this is jen (whom i met at the party and have to say i LOVE her - way too funny!  had me laughing hysterically more than once).  she showed us a sensational idea for organizing your kids' school stuff through the years.  and it is so simple really.  plastic file bin from staples and some hanging file folders (i would use the style that has the flat bottom so you could stuff it!)  On the front you put their school picture for that year and a label with pertinent info.  each kid gets a box.  in addition she made up a questionnaire and will have the kids fill it out every year with some of their fave things and such and then sign it.  gonna start one right now and also go dig up whatever i have in the boys folders and do them too.  She also showed us a key, painted with white glue, dipped in glitter and then covered with clear nail polish but she does not know how long it will last.

next up - origami bookmarks by shelley.  these are valentine day ones from valentine scrap paper.  i will be looking for more themes!  i've got lots of scrapbook paper to use up!
michelle had a great paper gift box - this it what it looks like opened up.  when you close it and tie it with a ribbon and put it lid on it is a cute little tall skinny box.  fun!

SO. MUCH. FUN.  and the best part - i will be hosting my own pinterest party at the Outlawz Rodeo retreat in baltimore in may!  to get all of the details check out the main page!  the more the merrier!

this week is supposed to be really gorgeous - i have given up on my winter dreams of snow and am instead getting quite excited about working in my gardens getting ready for spring.  hubby got me a dream composter which i have been wanting for ages and me n pezza can't wait to start filling it up!  i also saw some fruit trees out for sale at southern states...ooohhhh fruit have plans to meet up with several friends this week for catching up and playdates.  and so begins my attempt to bring a little more balance to my life and not work ALL the time - tho i do have a lot to work on this week!  fun fun stuff coming soon!


  1. Awesome and so happy you got out with friends!! Can't wait for the Pinterist Party in May with all of our crafty friends! Love the photo's!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous idea!! Looks like y'all had way too much fun!! Lots of fun goodies and fabulous projects, this will be the latest craze in parties, I can see it now:o)

  3. This looks like so much fun and I can't wait to be part of the Party in MAY! It would be fun if you linked this to a thread over at The Outlawz, so that the Girls will better understand what a Pinterest Party is! I know there are some gals who are brand new to Pinterest, so this would be perfect! :)

  4. I still have NO clue what a SOCK Bun is? It is simply putting your hair up in a bun, I used to wear my hair 'up' like that all the time, especially when it's HOT in the Summer! :)

  5. check this out