Thursday, February 16, 2012

a birthday card today

hi all!

so you would think having a girl i would not have to keep repeating "don't stand on the furniture - you can NOT fly!"  yep.  that is her latest mission.  she is convinced she can learn to fly.  we are going to head to chik fil a so she can play while i get some work done - got a few exciting things in the works but i have a lot of work to do to get there!

i have a birthday card to share today:
i got a bunch of lili of the valley stamps - oh how i ADORE those!  i wish i could one every one of them!  This is Time for a Cuppa and i thought it went perfectly with this cute cupcake paper!  and check out those flowers - annyone reccognize them?  no?  that's cuz they are old as the hills primas - i love being able to use new stuff just like the next guy but i have a TON of the old primas and you will just have to suffer through my occasional not-on-trend products :P  honestly it is just so hard to keep up with everything and expensive too!

i colored her with colored pencils and instead of stamping her with black i decided to use a very pale brown - i like it.  i also love the vivid-ness of the colors.  folks often think you can't achieve that with colored pencils but you most certainly can!

i will be teaching folks how in may in baltimore - registration is open so sign up!  come for the class or come for the whole weekend!  either way it will be lots of fun!


  1. Hi Marti,
    Love your card. Have I fell off your mailing list have not got anything from you all week. Hope your feeling better, O so enjoy seeing what you and Pezz get up to.

  2. Marti, I love your coloring with pencils! Always amazes me when I see the vivid color you produce with them! I also have a TON of old PRIMA's. I'm not buying anymore flowers. I have boxes and boxes drawers full!drawers! See you in Baltimore!