Monday, November 7, 2011

sugar n sweets!

Hi all!

I am happy to report that Fluffy seems to be feeling better finally.  She can actually get a growl out the minute she spies the kitten now :P

I had the fun time of shopping for an outfit for hubby's work Christmas Party - NOT.  Lots of cute stuff out there but NOT so cute on my little round body :P  I have gone from super skinny to rather hefty in the last 5 years BOO!  Strange to age - on the inside i feel exactly the same as i did when i was in my twenties but when I look in the mirror there is this older woman looking at me YIKES!  who the heck is SHE??????

i am excited about the project i have for ya today - i have been keeping it a sort of secret and i swear it was so hard.  Some of you may remember me talking about making my buddy cat an apron.  cat and i have been friends for years and met via the cricut message board WAY back when it was all brand new.  well she quit her paper crafting and then picked up cake decorating and boy is she GOOD!  if you have not seen her blog Sugar N Sweets you should definitely check it out!

in honor of her fun new start in the cake business i thought she needed an apron and so did she.  but of course this is CATHERINE we're talking about - i swear we could be twins we think so exactly alike.  anyway she wanted pink and twirly so of course i obliged - along with some cute cupcake appliques but i didn't stop there.  i also made a matching potholder, kanzashi brooch and a cute little cupcake box for her:

the fabric for the cupcake bottoms is called Fairy Frost and has some great shimmer to it.  I used red buttons for little cherries.  Two are cut with the eClips and 2 are cut with the Cricut E2.

The potholder uses the same fabric of course and is the first one i ever made - i need to work on those a bit more.

The Kanzashi brooch also uses the same fabrics and the fabulous kanzashi makers by clover.  i did not attach it to her apron because they don't hold up well in a washer.  the little cupcake box is paper mache.  i painted it using viva decor precious metals paint, then dabbed on viva decor holographic crystal gel and sprinkled it with microbeads while still wet.  I added some dots of bronze viva decor pearl pen and then gave the whole thing a coating of spray sealer after it was dry.

wanna see cat in her apron and get her reaction to her present?  head over to her blog sugar n sweets!

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