Wednesday, November 9, 2011

bday presents!

hi all!

pezza had a wonderful day yesterday for her first day of being 5.  we gorged ourselves at IHOP which i regretted for the rest of the day.  then we went to the bike shop and she picked out a new bigger bike.  She was sailing all over the bike shop on it but i took her out to go riding this morning and she froze up and refused.   like she doesn't do a dozen other things far riskier than riding a bike every day :P  we also took her to get a haircut - as opposed to a mommy cut.  she has only done that once before a couple years ago when she gave herself a mullet.  well she was SO funny, she was desperate to get in the hair washing chair and then she was laughing and wiggling hysterically the whole time because she said the sprayer was tickling her.  she also got some goodies at target she has been wanting - which leads me to a question.  she wanted an american girl doll.  target has something that looks similar and she was perfectly happy with it so that's what we got.  i am wondering what the heck is different between the two - any thoughts???  i checked the website a bit and all i can see really is the price....

and speaking of birthdays i have the third page of the birthday layout from her 3rd birthday - it was super small and low key which i loved.  so she opened her presents and the kids all played with them together:

i used the Cricut Birthday Bash cartridge and accented them with a bit of ice stickles - a totally under appreciated little scrapping item - it is similar to stickles but less color more holographic.

i used the lime on all of these and you get lots of sparkle but can still see the color underneath coming through as well.

i know this is pretty lame compared to yesterdays layout but i guess i was all worn out from the last one!


  1. I'll have to check back here for the answer on the American Girl doll vs. Target as I'm in the same boat with Belle.
    Glad Pezza had a good birthday!! :)

  2. Regret IHOP!? Impossible! The only time regret and IHOP should be in the same sentence is when a couple hours later you're hungry again and regret not eating more pancakes! LOL. I've been to an IHOP a total of ONE time, so maybe I have issues to work through regarding IHOP.

    Loved the layout and you're right! ICE STICKLES are totally underappreciated! Hope Pezza had a great birthday and enjoys her dolls that were not an arm and a leg!!! *HUGS*