Wednesday, November 16, 2011

another video for you...

hi all!

ok i have NEVER been one to exercise for the sake of exercising.  it's not that i don't like being active - i just want to be active with a purpose.  like when i lived in SW missouri and i did alot of hiking, rock climbing and caving - loved that! but exercise for exercises sake - so not my thing.  i am suspicious of people who love to exercise as a hobby like my hubby and my friend across the street.  BUT i decided a couple weeks ago that i need to do SOMEthing so i have been getting on the treadmill every day for 45 minutes.  LONGEST most miserable 45 minutes of my LIFE!  according to the treadmill i burn 260 calories each time.  i don't even know if that's worthwhile or not but hey, at least i am doing something right?  i always kind of wondered about people who would have towels nearby when they worked out in tv shows and stuff.  like oh really?  you need a towel?  well let me tell you - that 45 minutes on the treadmill makes me sweat in places i didn't know sweated!!!!  holy cow!  so today i had to do it - get a towel to wipe my face and neck UGH!  but i hope i can keep myself going.  i know it is a good habit to get into...right?

onto more FUN things - i have another video for ya today!  this is a basics video - i always see posts on forums from people saying they are unsure how to use patterned paper - especially more than one on a single project.  so i made a quick video with some tips for you and here is the final card:

what do you think?  i am posting a pic of the card because NOTHING irks me MORE than someone posting a video but no picture of the final project so i can decide if i want to watch it or not.

my focal piece is a die cut flower from viva decor modeling grass, a fabric yoyo and a pardo clay flower cut out.

here is the video for ya - be sure to let me know how you like it!

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  1. Dear Marti, IF this even IS Marti (I'm on to you, bitter long lost twin sister who may or may not have assumed Marti's life in her place),

    Great job on all your hard work! That totally means you can eat two slices of cake next time you have some! I mean, isn't that why we work out? So we can totally eat more? LOLOLOL!!!

    Your suspicious behaviour received applause! LOL...Those people are weirdos anyway!

    And I'm with those people that you heard about with the patterned paper. I'm so freakish about having to be all matchy match that I get scared about too many patters and colours!!! *HUGS* Thanks for the tips!