Monday, November 14, 2011

pezza's party

hi all!

Pezza's party was a success yesterday!  but i have to say i am BEAT and to top it all off i pulled a muscle big time in my neck/shoulder this morning and it HURTS O. M. G.  i have not really had that happen much before. thank goodness it happened AFTER the party right!

so pezza's theme - in her words - gold and silver stars and a dash of colorful-ness.  okaaayyy.  one of our fave stops when going back and forth to where we store our camper is Dairy Queen.  last weekend we went out there to put the cover on him for winter and stopped on the way home and she spied an ice cream cake with the most magnificent rainbow bright color scheme going on and NO other decorations on top - perfect for me to throw on some silver and gold stars so we started with that:

Pezza also wanted some candles she saw in one of my Wilton books:

The best part - they are actually rice krispie treats covered in white chocolate - YUMMY!  and different.

We did a low key party - ok not low key but not the high end style where you shell out hundreds for chuck e cheese or pump it up.  we just had it at our house.  i had games planned but the kids were having so much fun playing we never even got to them.  of course my house is a mess but who cares!

my stepmom made this incredible banner - went with the party theme PERFECTLY and pezza loved it!  Daddy got her some super awesome balloons - she just about fell over when he came in with them.

candle time with a few of the guests - notice her enormous golden plate - a platter actually but she saw it in the party store and insisted it was her birthday plate. 

The January/February issue of Through the Craft Room Door will focus on birthdays and contain lots of in-depth info on this party and others from cake making, goody bags, decorations and game ideas and tips i used to save some money for this party!  you won't want to miss it!

now i am off to find an ice pack!


  1. Looks like you nailed her theme! And tons of fun!! Happy birthday again kiddo:o)

  2. Those are some GIANT candles!!! They turned out FAB, M! I love the theme!!! Balloons aren't really all that great in the long scheme of things though...LOL!