Monday, October 17, 2011

we have a winner!

i'm late with a winner!!!  so so sorry folks but time flies!  I am finishing the holiday issue of TTCRD and that is always a big job.  it is really really good!  i am QUITE proud!  in addition hubby was back in town fri-sun so i spent time with him - during which he tried to kill me with waxing our camper.  O. M. GOD.  i hurt in every place i HAVE last night and then my right arm got really bad - scary bad.  i was expecting sore muscles but what i got instead was severe pain in my bones and joints.  i finally took enough ibuprofen to get to sleep at almost midnight last night and i have kept taking it today.  i can feel this sort of vague halo of pain but not the intense pain i had last night.  i swear i was ready to cut it off.  BUT on a good note hubby went out and got me pie while i was in the shower and then gave me a bundle of cash to not only go get a haircut (which i desperately need) but also color it.  i have never had my hair colored professionally before so that should be interesting.  i think i might go do it today while pezza is in school since i am basically useless for doing anything productive :P

so the reason you are really here - who won all those fun clay embellishments?  Sharon!  with her guess of 9 projects.

i just got a new book i have been coveting after seeing it at the library called mixed media mosaics - all about clay.  hopefully i will have time to play with it soon and you will see more fun and easy clay stuff here!


  1. Have fun with your hair cut and color!

  2. Now you know how I feel when I get out of bed every morning! LOL! Seriously, I'm sorry you've been so achy. It really ruins your day and puts a huge damper on creativity. Hope you feel better soon. Perhaps the haircut and color will help! :D -mary

    Sorry about the "Anonymous" post but Google hates me lately! :( I'm actually one of your followers.