Thursday, October 27, 2011

"boobies" & middle schoolers....

hi all!

so, my fave news story of the day - a middle school boy had his breast cancer awareness bracelet taken away at the middle school my oldest and my hubby went to.  why?  because it was the one that says i love boobies.  of course the news was making it out to be an injustice - it wasn't disruptive, he wasn't disruptive, blah blah blah and even phrased their questions in the interview with him so that he could say boobies on tv several times.  ok anyone else out there raised boys like i have?????  i can tell you right now the word boobies will send them into ridiculous childish fits of hystericality.  (blogger is telling me that's not a word but i disagree).  heck my youngest boy and his best buddy have graduated high school and STILL find farting hilarious.  not to mention i would imagine that their behavior over the word boobies (which i picture them repeating over and over pretending they are just reading the bracelet) probably makes the nearby girls very uncomfortable.  what do y'all think???

in other news i am doing my monthly battle with an allergic reaction to the perfumey carpet powder the cleaning people insist on using despite repeatedly asking them not.  so for the last 24 hours it has felt like someone is repeatedly stabbing me in the brain through my eye socket over and over.  i even tried to cover the carpet in baking soda but nope the perfume powder won out.  awesome.

i DID manage to get a LO done - 2 pager even!  this is pezza's bday 2 years ago.  though to be fair i am not 2 years behind as i started skipping around so i am less behind but also less organized :P

she wanted aliens so that's what we did - the title piece was actually a centerpiece/sign from her decorations.

it started with the little aliens stamp set she saw in the SU catalog.  then i cut additional shapes from the Everyday paper dolls cartridge.  unfortunately they did not have layers or shadows but i did cut a couple of them twice and made my own layers with scissors.  i used glossy accents on the space ship window, the aliens helmet, and all of the eyes.

page 2

and a few close ups:

i think the little aliens are so stinkin' cute!  the ones on the title were colored with copics and the others i colored this morning with pencils - love my pencils!

pezza's school party is today and i have a few last minute things to do for her costume - so far it is turning out quite good!

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