Friday, October 21, 2011

fun with embossing...

me again!
woohoo! 2 days in a row :P  so i am curious about your opinion of lace up boots.  you know - knee high leather boots that lace up the back paired with one of those silky/satin shirts with the lace edge along the bottom peeking out from under another tight fitting tell me what age group you are thinking maybe?  i am far from a prude but this was the outfit on a little girl at the pre-school pezza goes to.  granted she was older - in the after school program so probably about 9.... but i am thinking not appropriate......of course i only raised boys the first time around - we didn't have to worry about such things.  but a girl - that's a whole different story....

ever have one of those mornings when everything is pointing to just going back to bed?  i wake up, the coffee maker is broken.  again.  we have a keurig - love it except the only last like 8 months and then break.  the cat water fountain is also apparently broken which is driving little man nuts so he pulls the lid off and digs around in the water trying to make it come out of the spout.  in an effort to get back to my scrapbooking i went through pezza's 3rd bday photos (wow 2 years behind now) and got them all edited, sized and ready to print.  i go to print them and i have no photo paper.  good grief!

anyway, i have a couple cool projects today that i did for Craft Critique.

i had the opportunity to review some of the new embossing enamels from Stampendous.  these are AWESOME.  i haven't been excited by embossing powders since Tim's distress powders.  They are truly unique and you can read my full review and see LOADS of pics over on Craft Critique!

well it looks like another chicadee is fleeing the nest.  Trevor will be moving out on monday.  he will be close by though, not like Drake who is so far away.  i'll tempt him back for visits with food :)  when he first told me he was moving out i was against it - just don't feel he is set up and stable enough.  but the lease is only for 9 months and then he has decided he is going to go into the military.  he is PERFECT military material.  i don't want him in harm's way but i know it is a really great match for him.

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  1. Yep food will tempt him back home. How wonderful that he is joining the military. I agree that outfit is not for a 9 yr old. I have been dealing with this all my daughter's life and she is 16. It is hard to find clothes that aren't right for their age.