Tuesday, October 11, 2011

studio Blog Truffle!

hi all!

as promised it's Blog Truffle time!  here is what i have up for grabs - poly clay embellies:

these are handmade by me and they have a fabulous dusting of mica powder for some amazing shimmer!

as you all know i recently re-did my craft room.  all cleaned up and beautifully organized.  so how is it going?  i thought i would show you some pics

i have FOUR main work tables/areas:

so my question for you - how many projects do i have going on RIGHT NOW from these pictures?  to be honest i am not even sure myself - i am going to have to go count them!

i can tell you though - the craft space is working out really well - YES i am cleaning up and putting things away as i go (so far).  so what you see out now is all being used :P  i do this because i often have things that need to dry so i work on other things while they dry OR i have various deadlines so i will be working on one thing and then have to take a break to work on something else that is due sooner PLUS stuff just for fun with no deadline at all.  Most of what you see in these pictures is projects that will be appearing in our Holiday Bonus issue of Through the Craft Room Door so i hope you all have a subscription so you can see the finished pieces!  I also have 4 pieces upstairs i have been working on in front of the tv.  it's an illness........

so what do you think peeps?  how many projects in the works can you spot? I will announce a winner on Friday!


  1. Gorgeous Clay Embellishments, love the shine and the detail! Amazing craft room,just looking you could have about ten projects going on lol! Take CareX:)

  2. The clay emblishments are so pretty, I think you have 9 thing going on right now. Love your new work area.

  3. ok way too awesome!! I am not sure at first I thought about 10 but then went back and took another look and perhaps 12?? You are one busy lady!! I love your embellishments and new work area looks good! thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Hi Marti, I think there are 11 down stairs &you mentioned 4 up stairs in front of the TV. I love what you do so talented.

  5. I have no idea how many projects you have going, but I'm just thinking....didn't you say that you just had a garage sale and sold a lot of your stuff?!? :) And my husband thinks I have too much stuff! Not even close to the oodles of supplies you've got!

    Stephanie Doan

  6. My guess is 7 projects. I love seeing that someone else works like I do. I just wish I had your space.