Monday, October 10, 2011

hi all!
well i made it here to post just like i said i would.i was a little worried i wouldn't have anything to show you today BUT i do!

(Pezza is sitting next to me making a picture on her computer and i just heard her say - wow - i am too cool for myself :P)

we had a PERFECT weekend here in northern VA weather-wise - sunny, not cold but not hot, the leaves are really getting pretty.  our town held a town-wide tag sale this weekend so i thought i would throw some stuff out on the driveway and see what happens - mostly all of pezza's old toys and all of my leftover studio G inventory.  i was very disappointed - not a lot of traffic and not a lot of sales - especially with the toys which i thought would go quickly and easily.  i did make a little money which i promptly spent on stuff for pezza at the dollhouse show we went to yesterday.  you can read all about that fun little adventure on my dollhouse blog, Dotted Daisy, and see pics of pezza's project from the kids workshop.

i do have a project for you but it is sorta cheating...we are heading to a birthday party this afternoon and i needed a gift bag.  it occurred to me that instead of making a new one i could just use one of my many THOUSANDS of already made cards and put it on the front of a gift bag - TA DA!

the card is one from my Cricut Imagine Friday tutorials i did awhile back:

This time instead of putting a big ribbon bow on the handle like i usually do i made a kanzashi flower with the clover template, put a button in the middle and hot glued it to a barrette blank.  much more useful dontcha think?
cute, quick and easy!  what do y'all think???

i have some fun pics of my newly designed studio for y'all tomorrow and it occurred to me that it would make a perfect contest post.  so pezza and i decided we would make a bunch of clay embellies to give away for a little Blog Truffle!  but you'll have to tune in tomorrow to see what to do to win.  and it will be just for those of you faithful readers as opposed to me running ads for blog candy all over the place :P  here is the video pezza made that shows you how to make them yourself:

tune in tomorrow and play the game with us!

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  1. Yummy card Marti and love your gorgeous flower, cute play pieces Pezza, will have to check the video out later as I have not volume at the moment, love your blog look, take careX:)