Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin picking pezza style...

hi all!

we've decorated for halloween!  what do y'all think?  i am also trick or treating...trick or treating for the lost dog and cat foundation!  if you would like to donate CLICK HERE and be sure to put my name in the notes section!

we've also been getting ready for halloween around the house and this past weekend it was time to get our pumpkins.  now y'all remember the LO i already began creating...you know using SVGs and cutting with my new Black Cat?  you know all ready for fab pictures from a local farm with hayrides and lots of pumpkins?

well for starters i still haven't figured out how to cut it out.  i also didn't have photo paper to print any pics out OR ink in the photo printer either.  yea my whole i am going to get back to scrapping goal has been a bumpy ride.  i HAVE been very busy but it's all stuff for the magazine (which is our hugest ever!)  plus a secret project i have been working on for someone but i can't post THOSE pics until the person sees it first.  the good news is i did get comfortable with Make The Cut again and i am ready to cut my layout pieces...

but first we needed the perfect set up for pictures.

me: Pezza, do you wanna get your pumpkin today?
Pezza: YES!
Me: ok we'll go to the pumpkin farm
Pezza: NO.  i don't wanna get it there.
Me: oookkaaaaayy.  where do you wanna get your pumpkin?

wait for it

YUP...she wanted to get her pumpkin at target......

so being the dedicated scrapper i am (and totally determined NOT to waste the SVGs i have been working on)  i threw my camera in my purse and off we went...

pezza insisted that daddy pick out his pumpkin first from the bin of larger ones.  so as he is digging around i pull out my camera (remember we are in target) and i say hey honey, and this is what i get:

the look on his face says it all dontcha think????  let's just say he was thoroughly disgusted with me.

next pezza wanted to pick out a baby pumpkin from the other bin:


at which point hubby is telling me how completely embarrassing i am.  honestly, i don't know how he can be surprised by anything i do after this many years....and yes, those are going on the layout.....

so trev got most of his stuff moved yesterday.  he will be back today for the rest and Pezza and I are going to go check out his place.  i have had a number of people comment that i must be sad but really i am not.  i mean this is the goal of parenting.  they are supposed to leave!  my mom gave me some excellent advice a long long time ago.  she said the goal of parenting should be to become as useless to your kids as possible.  i believe in this.  my job is to teach them how to live in the world on their own.  now i AM glad he will be close by so i don't have to miss him!  and to be quite honest we have plans for his room and bathroom - no shrine there in case he comes home NOPE!  a guest room and then we will have pezza take over his bathroom and move her out of ours!  she wants it to be decorated with frogs and ducks :)

so am i the only one who got their pumpkins at the store?  i feel like this whole have to make a trip out to the farm and spend an arm and a leg and make it a big production thing is kinda new.  i never remember doing that as a kid OR doing it with the boys?  is it just a novelty where i live maybe?  lemme know!


  1. Great pics!!! Boy, Pezza looks like daddy.

  2. I had no clue you could even buy Pumpkins at Target and have never seen them in any type of Mall or chain store? Very Interesting!

    Around here we can buy them from the local Garden Shops, Florists and even at the Grocery Store. I don't even have any this year or any Mums...I'm cutting back a bit!

    When the boys were little, we would go to a local Apple Orchard, pick apples and then also buy our Pumpkins there too.

    I'd just as soon pass on Halloween now! It's not the same without little ones! We do still pack little bags of candy for the kids that come by, but I'm about ready to give up on that! We don't get many kids, (they've all grown up too)...and I really do NOT like to have any candy laying around the house!! This may be our last year of handing it out!!

    PS: I agree with how you feel on parenting and then feeling confident that our kids are ready to move out and live on their own. I think it's good for them and teaches them even more independence. My oldest moved out at 19 and never came back, (his room is now my craftroom). He's done awesome and is close enough that I see him often!! We are still very close and I am so happy that he's so self sufficient and saving for his first house.

  3. OBVIOUSLY I have a fabulous insight! Except I already told you on GTalk earlier today *LOL* But I LOOOOOVE your pumpking picking pictures!

    I have no idea why Kev's so embarrassed anyway. I mean, you can pick up your pumpkin and milk and eggs and a whole bunch of other stuff all in ONE place. Really, the other silly people who go to the patch to pick up their pumpkins and then go to a different story to buy a whole bunch of other stuff should be the ones who are embarrassed. Imagine going to a BUNCH of different places when you could have just gone to one. *LOL*

    And I know I'm a little late for this, but WELCOME BACK to Blogger! I love your fabulously colourful blog and the halloween themed banner! Can't wait to see the other holidays!