Monday, December 8, 2008

SFYTT plus tutorial alcohol inks (and a cute story)....

SO before i get into the fun post i have for you today i have a cute story for ya. once upon a time things like starbucks were a luxury i could NEVER afford - since that's changed i hit starbucks at every opportunity and now of course so does Pezzy - my little Partner in Crime. well daddy takes pezzy every saturday and sunday morning and yesterday he took her out with him to run some errands. so i get a phone call and he says "what have you been teaching our daughter?" and i think uh the third one you get so lax you i said what happened? well one of their stops was target (all of our targets have a starbucks in them). so they pull in and get out and she says DADDY! i need to get me a blueberry scone! hee heeee that's my GIRL!!

ok one to the real reason you vist me with me every day - a card! i used Jen's Sketch For You To Try for this one ->

i also did one of Tim Holtz's 12 tags of christmas - this technique is from day 2 (yes i am VERY behind!!!) - so here is my card:

Rather than doing tags i have cut some shapes out with my nesties and am using those in place of tags and then i will mount them on cards, LOs as titles or other christmas gift items. you can get ALL of t!m's goodies at the store!

i have to say this technique is AMAZING!!!! in fact the alcohol ink background is so friggin awesome i HAD to do more of them AND make a quick tutorial to share at least that protion of the tag with you for those of you that are not tim obssessed like me *grins*

here are the two blue and silver backgrounds i made. i also made a large green and gold one and a red and copper one. however my batteries died in my camera :P you will see them in upcoming projects though!

your supplies are pretty simple - if you like alcohol inks you will already have these things on hand. you need 3-5 colors of alcohol inks - be sure not to pick colors that make mud when mixed! i stayed within color families for these but may get more adventurous next time. you also need one metallic mixative, blending solution and glossy cardstock. start by dropping several drops of metallic mixative onto your craft sheet. (not too much) this was for a 6x6 piece of paper.

next add your colors - keep drops of colr grouped together so i went from dark to light - dark drops across the top area, next lightest color across the middle, next lightest color beneath and lightest color across the bottom.

next squirt a little blending solution around - the more you use the lighter your intensity of color.

now just lay your glossy cardstock face down and sort of twist it or move it a bit in a small circle to get the alcohol ink spread over the paper. grab one corner and sort of lift/slide your paper up off the mat to streak the color.

wah la! gorgeous background! for added fun dip a toothbrush into more metallic mixative, hold it over your paper and rub it with a needle to flick specks of color across the area.

it hink i could make these all day!!! the nice thing about glossy cardstock instead of photo paper - your colors will be more vibrant AND you can stamp and then emboss on the glossy cardstock which is what i did above on the card!

i hope y'all try this one!!!!!!


  1. What a beautiful card!! I haven't been brave enough to try alcohol inks but they are so pretty!!
    Love your story about your little kiddos groan when I go to Starbucks. LOL!

  2. Gorgeous! Lovee that background too--now I need to order all those ingredients cuz' I have none. What do you drip the stuff onto?


  3. I'm sharing your obsession (and addiction) for sure! Those Day 2 backgrounds are amazing. I've done a ton, used them on the tag, also cards, ATCs../fabulous and easy background.
    Now, first I check out my bank balance, then I check out your store, lol.
    Eileen in NYC