Monday, December 29, 2008


hello hello!!!

oh how i miss my blog!! well family is gone and things are settling down. we had a wonderful visit with my dad and step mom - i rarely get to see my dad so it was awesome that he got to come too!

i have not had time to do much paper crafting BUT i did play around a bit to try my hand at making some of my own embellishments with clay and it is actually quite fun! of course pezzy got involved and next thing i knew i fulfilling her requests too - the first of which was cuppies of course! i did hers 3-d but would do them flat to use on cards and LOs.

She wanted one with sprinkles:

and one with a strawberry on top:

i think they look a bit more like a mushroon but pazzey was pleased! will work on a flat version next!

here are some of mine. can you tell i am ready for a change of holiday!!! i tried some using molds and some by hand. the molds are actually harder cuz getting the clay back out can be tricky! a "release" helps. some i used cornstarch but then on some i decided to try perfect pearls as my release and got a great little shimmer going:

these i formed by hand:

and this last batch i cut with cookie cutter things and then added to them:

my step mom also requested a snowman which was quite fun to make:

i hope to get back to my craft room today before withdrawals set in!!!!

i have a couple announcements planned this week that i am very excited about so be sure to stay tuned!!! one from studio G and one for the shop!


  1. How sweet. You are such a smartie girl!

  2. Great embellishments. What type of clay did you use? Looks like such fun.