Saturday, December 6, 2008


SO not only am i going to be at CHA for the first time in January, and not only will i be launching/displaying a secret surprise there......i got into the class with TIM HOLTZ!!!!!!!!! oh if you could see the happy dancing i have been doing!!!!!!!! if you have followed me for long you'll know i love his stuff and his techniques. but to get to take a class from the master himself!!!!!!!!!

and boy oh boy does ranger have a good one for us this winter but my lips are sealed. i wonder what OTHER goodies they may have up their DT girl Cat is staying with me and hopefully my friend Suzanne altho she is scared because she knows how early i get up!!!!!

we will have posts straight from the show to keep you up to date!


  1. I'm guessing you ladies already have a place to stay! I sent you an email Marti.Just how early do you get up?

  2. Congrats Marti! I am sooo jealous. :) You will have a great time and everyone with you will be up as early from the excitement!

  3. *SCREEEEECH* You get up early?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! omg...well, I won't be able to tell if we DON'T SLEEP!!! OMG...I so need a break from the little booger of a puppy we got! Posts coming to my craft blog! Kick me in the butt, I'm a total slacker I know! I'm a mommy now! LOL...