Sunday, December 14, 2008

it's been a WEEK!??!?!??!

good heavens has it really been a WEEK since i posted!?!?!?!

my brother has been in town to visit - he has a meeting in DC about 4 times a year and then heads over to our place. we decided to cook a big traditional cuban christmas dinner "noche bueno" so i have a couple pics from that - sorry no craftiness - i have not done anything crafty all week!!!!!

my favorite - homemade empenadas filled with picadillo - a ground meat dish with cumin, raisins, capers, hard boiled egg and a bit of tomato sauce.

the finished products - pork loin marinated in an unbelievable sauce of garlic, spices and citrus fruits, black beans with sofrito just like my grandma's, fried plantains and all that was left of the 14 empanadas we made:

it's funny how the smell of food can affect you - the instant i smelled the marinade and the black beans i was whisked back to my childhood!

Saturday night we went to DC for kevin's work christmas party - i so rarely get "done up" so i made my brother take a pic:

i hope to get back on the crafty track this week!! i am off to print out all the card sketches i missed!! we also have our winter crop starting over on Scrapping Friends - oh can't wait!!! that gets me motivated!!!!!

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