Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pancake Puff Pan

Yes, that's right, it says pancake puff pan - surely you've seen the commercial. Well every time it came on Hubby got so excited - so what do you get the guys who has everything for Christmas?? A pancake puff pan of course! Complete with the chef's upgrade kit. Unfortunately, like everything else, it did not make it here for Christmas but we got it this week and I promised to use it today for breakfast. So we just finished having pancake puffs filled with strawberry jam or whipped cream. Well it actually works quite well and everyone scarfed 'em down. :P

Finally got to play around some this morning and finished my first four card kit examples. They are Valentine's cards featuring embossing. I am hoping to make treat bags to go with these - we'll see. These both have stickles crystal accents on the printed paper too but it doesn't show up well in the pic. Turned out quite well I think:

I made a third one but....well, ever have what you think is going to be fabulous laid out in your head and when you're finished you say - WOW! Now that's an ugly card! I took the ribbon off at DH's suggestion and added a bit of stickles to some of the dots on the patterend paper and it's better but still a bit iffy (on the left) but I like the other one:

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