Tuesday, January 22, 2008

hey all you distressers!!!!!

If you've been reading this blog you know i discovered Tim Holtz's blog - he's the senior designer for Ranger and i am in LOVE with his stuff. i always saw his distress inks and tools and such in the store and was curious but had no idea how to use it and felt it was too complicated. well i have conquered my fear!! i picked up some of his things - took trips to three different stores just to get a handful of items. and i have been playing with them. well i lov eit so much i am adding all of his products to my website along with some FAB stamps i have found that will look SUPERB using distress techniques on them! Look for the additions in the coming weeks - these things take time :P ALSO, for all you who are afraid like i was, i will be posting tutorials and projects as well. there is nothing worse than investing in products and not being able to do a thing with them!!! so look for a few new super cool easter designs featuring his products coming to my site soon!!!

in other news...finished my samples for my first tech club meeting:

only to have two people drop out - ugh!! not sure how we're going to work it now-i'll have to call Cori and see what she thinks - we're doing it together. in other bad news - why not we're on a roll - my stampin up upline is pregnant and had placenta previa. well she started bleeding last week and was put on bed rest - SCARY huh?? she will have a c section feb 6 BUT i was waiting to actually sign up until feb 1 for sale a bration so now that may not happen....plus my jan tech club order is in limbo and i need it for my feb tech club......but i seriously don't think she is going to be worrying about any of that - she has far more pressing concerns right now. so that is kind of who knows right now...

well i would normally be off to play in my studio right now but i have to figure out how to do stinkin monthly taxes for my business the yucky part!!!

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