Friday, January 18, 2008

busy busy

wow have I been busy with the series 10 stamps - and they are oh so cute!! DH had a disturbing thought - as he was looking through them he said "hhhmmmm there's st patty's day and easter in here - that must mean they aren't going to put any new ones out for awhile." bite your tongue!! let's hope he's wrong!!

well i wanted to come post two cards i made as part of my committment to use some of the things i have been buying lately :P the first is another Bella - Balloonabella and i just think she's fab (if only i had waited a few more hours I could have put "Party Chick" on it from the series 10 stamps):

I also Made another Flower card which I am reall ypleased with - I hope to find time to continue to perfect the blending technique I used here:

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