Wednesday, May 16, 2012

doodling time

hi all!

boy the DVR sure does get full when on vacation doesn't it?  i don't watch the shows i see most of my friends chatting about - dancing with the stars, glee, bachelorette or whatever it is.  i love fringe, ncis/ncis LA, mentalist, unforgettable - yes i am a total sci fi and crime show junkie.  we are watching fringe episodes today - that show is just getting weird but i have to keep watching.  summer is so disappointing with no new episodes but luckily we have netflix so i have been watching the Tudors - another fave genre - historical fiction.  there are several others like that i want to try and watch.

i am also getting ready for my classes this weekend at the Outlawz Retreat AND my awesome buddy Cat aka silly skittles is coming for a visit!  SO excited!  the inner harbor will not know what hit it once we are on the loose.  AND she we are doing some sort of royal high tea - oh can't wait!

in the meantime i wanted to post something else i did - i doodled this at my mom's and in the truck - i am determined to get the hang of doodling. 

it is supposed to be mindless but for me it i not :P  but i am sure having fun working on it!

 i added a bit of color with pezza's colored pencils.  it was the only thing handy in the truck!

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  1. I find these Zentangle patterns so relaxing, and intriguing.They change in style each time you do them.I've been adding stencilling over the top to see what that looks like.Not sure yet.pan Pastels work really well too.No smears from pastel dust.Works just like pure pigment.