Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Twinkling color theory

hi everyone!

i really thought i would get back to post more on our fun weekend with Cat but the days are just going by too fast for me!  SOOOOO what on earth did we (me, ann and Cat) do on sunday you were wondering?  well we started by going to High Tea at a little place on the way home - SO FREAKIN' awesome!  they really give you alot for the price, it is set up adorably and everything was delish! Next stop - cupcake shops!  we went to two of them (cat had about 37 marked but reality set in and we narrowed it down to TWO!)  got home - changed our clothes and hit the shooting range for fun with GUNS!  Cat had never handled a gun before and kevin is a really good person to learn from because he is very strict about it.  we had a blast and cat is a scary good shot - zombies will never make it by her (see slide show below).  after guns we grabbed a huge pile of crabs on the way home and had crabs, beer, cupcakes and ice wine. really and truly BEST. DAY. EVER!  and kevin was so patient with us!  check out the slide show at the end of this post for fun pics.

i HAVE been in the studio a bit and playing with the lessons in Dion Dior's Mastering Twinks Class.  i can honestly say this is a MUST class if you love twinks, love shimmer or want to know how to paint.  i was doing Color Theory and made some samples:

these use color triads.  i decided to paint them over some gesso'ed coasters i had laying around.

Gesso, plastic fork and various lids i had laying around on my table.  i think this might be my fave color combo.  except when i see all the others :P

gesso with fork and poly clay cutters and then painted

fork.  love this combo too!

fork and lid.  reminds me of fall

this one is done using a poly clay texture sheet in the gesso.

LOVE my twinks!!!

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