Thursday, May 17, 2012

fun journal for ya!

hellooooo everyone!!!!

super super super exciting day for me today - catherine is coming!!!!!!!  her plane lands at 6:12 - oh can't wait!  cat gets me like no one else - we can finish each others thoughts and sentences!  plus neither of us are prone to behaving which adds significantly to the fun!  tomorrow we head up to baltimore for the outlawz retreat with a mountain of cupcake tasting stops planned along the way.  i will be hosting a Pinterest party tomorrow night after dinner which should be lots of fun!

here is the project I picked for my pinterest show n tell (originally pinned from Life Made Creations):

 and here is mine:

yea yea i know.  it's not jean.  i did try.  i had a small journal i picked up at michaels - maybe 5x7...which was smaller than the jeans pockets i had available for cutting.  i went to the thrift store and got a couple pants i thought would work but with the elastic waist that wasn't happening either.  now the thing i like MOST about the original is the pocket to hold pens.  i like the jean look and the whole upcycle thing too BUT what i really wanted was a pocket SO i pulled out some fabric scraps left over from an outfit i made for hollyn and fashioned my own.  the pocket is a double pocket so the ruler slides in back and pens in the front.  i am going to add 2 more black pens i have for it too.  i am also realizing i forgot to add the ribbons to the spirals so i will do that too.

i added a layered and embroidered felt flower - also something i ran into on etsy back when it began and i have done many since then.

i threw on the layered buttons at the top to sort of balance it out - love the shimmery buttons - these are PTI buttons.

i am planning on giving it away at the party but i think i may make more.  only next time i want to use a non-spiral bound notebook...what do you think???

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