Monday, January 16, 2012

a sewing project today!

hi all!

gotta love a 3 day weekend!  happy birthday MLK!  we have been spending alot of time on the house lately and yesterday was one of those days.  when we built the house we really enjoyed decorating and upgrading from what the builders put in and stuff like that.  then we had pezza.  after that all of our time, energy and space went to baby things - and boy do babies require a lot of things....alot.  to top it off this has been far more house than i have ever had to take care of and it can be overwhelming.  before this i had an apartment - 4 rooms total and 2 small bathrooms - i could scour it from top to bottom before the kids left for school :P  and because we had so little space AND moved at LEAST every 2 years there was very little accumulation.  now that pezza is getting older we are trying to reclaim some of our space and get things cleaned out at the same time so yesterday we tackled the family room.  i had cleaned out her toy area not too long ago but the whole room was just a mess of piles of stuff plus the carpets looked like h*** and our couches look like they are crying..  won't be getting new couches or flooring anytime soon BUT we decided to do a major clean out/overhaul, rearrange things and furniture and steam clean the carpet and couches.  we hauled out SIX kitchen garbage bags of crap - magazines, old kids books pezza was done with and all sorts of other things.  now it is SO SO nice in here!  all the stuff we had moved up high and out of reach can be brought back down now which helps the look of the room too!

now onto something crafty - not papercrafty today though.  i love to sew things as y'all probably know if you have been reading my blog for awhile.  i made myself the most beautiful purse awhile back out of gorgeous fabric but it was becoming increasingly apparent it was not what i wanted anymore - it was ONE big pocket so i could never find anything in it.  i finally got fed up and set about making a new one last week - it only took 2 days (not entire days of course!) 

i found some really pretty fabrics at my local quilt shop, WebFabrics.  the 2 dark ones are part of the new Northcott Stonehenge collection - GORGEOUS.

the light blue fabric is part of the Fairy Frost line - it has SHIMMER!

and now i have lots of pockets to keep things find-able!  a large pocet on the front, zipper pocket on the back, a pocket on each side AND 3 pockets on the inside perfect for my wallet, cell phone and notepad i always keep handy!  the purse is much smaller BUT so much better organized - i love it!

bubba has a new fave spot - he has discovered pezza's old boppy pillow:

i swear he is so adorable - the pics can't do him justice because so much of his adorableness is his larger than life personality - so glad he found us!!!


  1. Super fun!! Looking forward to giving you a big hug in a couple of weeks! SoCal here we come!!

  2. You never cease to amaze me....I can't sew to save my soul...but admire those who were gifted with that talent! Great BAG!! :)

    PS: I'm coming to Baltimore in May and can't wait to meet you all! I'm flying down for that weekend! Yippee!!

  3. Oh my gosh! My purse has been rapidly crapping out, but I haven't felt like going out to buy one. I found an old purse in my room... After a day I remembered why it got put away: one big pocket! I wish I was crafty enough to make a replacement!

  4. You are so freaking talented Marti!!!! Love this!!!! You rock girlfriend!!!
    Hugs~ Kim

  5. Marti,
    Love your new bag!!! Do share what pattern you used. I'm wanting to make a new bag, but haven't decided on the pattern. I really like all of your pockets.