Sunday, January 29, 2012

CHA day 1 - here we go!

hi all!

greetings from sunny (and HOT) anaheim - today was my first day at cha and i spent the morning in seminars for designers - got some good info, met some great people - both the presenters and other attendees.  all in all a good investment of time i must say.  though i did not appreciate one of the presenters getting a little condescending to us "stay at home moms who think we are designers" - seems to me that is pretty much how the bulk of us got into this...guess i will show her.

i am rooming with suzanne of course and her friend tina who fits right in!  i, of course was relegated to the lobby in my pajamas cuz i get up so early.  then i came up at 7 to get ready and boy was she cranky!!!!

tomorrow the floor opens and we can go walk around and see all of the new products and i will get to see so many of my friends that i only get to see when i am here.  that is really the best part for me.  i have two days to try and see EVERYTHING i want to see and my list is long!  i will be hitting the provo craft booth first of course and harrassing my buddy jim colby over there.  i will also be visiting jen cushman, who i met today, at the ice resin booth - i have been wanting to check that stuff out.  of course i will go do tim's make n take as always.  and i will get pics and post them to facebook as i go so be sure to friend me if you haven't already!

and now i am gonna fall over and sleep because it is well after midnight my time and as you all know that is WAY past my bed time!

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