Tuesday, January 17, 2012

seed bead fun!

hi all!

my adorable little daughter has a new comeback she uses on us whenever we tell her what to do/not do - "FINE! i guess you want me to be sad and DIE."  really!??!!?  we aren't even in school yet and we're gonna go THERE already?  i swear she needs to be on stage or something.  ridiculous amount of drama.  my mom says i was the exact same way - surely not!  right now she is sitting next to me with this great big plastic horse (think american girl dolls) who she says she found in the woods and he is very sick - the feigned concern on her face could score an oscar.

i had several requests for the name of the pattern i used for my purse - can't believe i forgot to mention it!  the patterns i have used so far are Palm Harbor Purse-onalities  and i have to say they are really really not too difficult.  including ZIPPERS which have scared me for years!  the one i just finished is Sandra Sue's. there are several more i want to try too!
{Pezza is now pretending to ride aforementioned plastic horse...}

i am itching to get back in my studio after having taken a break for too many days - i am really at my emotional and spiritual best when i spend time in my studio every day so i am OVERDUE! i have so many ideas running around in my head for my art journal!  i may try and spend some time down there this afternoon while drama miss is at pre-school.

meanwhile i wanted to show y'all what i have been working on in the evening in front of the TV - it is a beaded crochet pouch - i will stash my money, license and debit card in here when it's done:

it is sitting on the fabrics for my next purse adventure - a small across the body stash purse to carry around on the floor at cha - also from palm harbor - it is called Patty's Bag and it can hold alot of stuff for being so small!

i believe i posted this pouch once before when i first started it but i got the pattern from etsy - out of the flames - it was a bracelet that she transformed into a pouch.  Lori is fabulous to work with!

it is a little more than halfway done!

i just love seed beads!  anyone else?


  1. the little purse turned out great! You do amazing work. And yes, (Pezz) isn't it amazing what they pick up way too early for our liking hehe. Have fun at CHA. Lucky girl!

  2. Love this Marti! Its turning out so Nice!!! Beautiful!