Thursday, January 19, 2012

dimensional layout

hi all!

wow has it been COLD!!!  i usually do pretty well in the winter because i am always way too hot but lately - i am FREEZING.  Suzanne musta put a curse on me for always wishing for snow!  despite being frozen all day we had a great day!  pezza was up super early and i was down in my studio about to start on some collage backgrounds so i decided we would do them together - she did all of the techniques right along with me.  i love when she is behaving and listening and can do some art with me.  i try my best to give her the basics but let her be free to make it her own - like when she chooses crazy color combos and makes "mud".  some of our experiments went better than others and you'll see them soon once they are done.  we also got a jigsaw puzzle going.  i love them!  i was on disability toward the end of my pregnancy with pezza and having so many problems.  so my mom flew up to help out and we did jigsaw puzzles all day long waiting for pezza.  i had to give them up for awhile but now pezza is old enough to get them out again.  she helps me with them - she is pretty good and getting better.

i can't show y'all our collages yet but i CAN show you a layout i did:

these are pics from our trip out to my dad and step-mom's in utah.  i love utah - it is SO beautiful out there.  so of course we were anxious to get some hiking in.

my layout was inspired by the january challenge over on the spotted canary site.  i came across it when looking at the class list from joanns and then i saw the challenge.  it was actually in conjunction with a set of video tutorials and featured a really cool 3in1 layering punch by ek success (i think they are the ones who do the website maybe...?)  anyway i did not have the punch but i have my cricut and the elegant edges cartridge and came up with something very similar.  i used it on the border, the tree piece and the title lettering

i used foam tape for several of the layers to add some dimension.  the stamp is one of my old stampscapes.

the best part is the strings of seed beads - that idea i got from the video/challenge! 

so what do y'all think???

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  1. I think it's fabulous! Love the hiking story with the photo's! My mom lived in Nevada and now Arizona and wants to know why I don't think the mountains are gorgeous. My answer is always the same "no trees!" Hugz!