Wednesday, January 11, 2012

another smashing idea...

hi all!

the weather here is SO YUCK!  cold, grey and drizzly.  i don't like cold, grey drizzle no matter what the temperature is but it is worse in the winter.  of course maybe if i could lay around in my bed all day it wouldn't be as bad but no way THAT'S happening!  maybe in another 10 years!

some of you may have read on facebook a little about our fun adventure to the national aquarium in baltimore.  i REALLY need to take pezza more places so we started with the aquarium - baltimore inner harbor is only about 1 1/2 hours away.  well the morning of our little trip pezza woke up at 2:30. AM.  IN THE MORNING. 2 freakin 30.  no matter what i did, she did not go back to sleep.  nor did anyone else since she was kicking and screaming :P  but i had already bought the tickets and they were not cheap so we headed out anyway.  believe it or not the trip was great...until we had to leave.  wanna know how loud maniacal screams are when the echo off of tall downtown buildings?  not as loud as they are when they echo off of the walls of a parking garage...  then the gps couldn't get a signal to get me out of baltimore so i wandered around a bit and ended up driving through probably the most run down of city areas i have ever seen and i have been in a lot of big cities - new orleans, st louis, san!  but we made it home.  pezza DID finally nap for about 40 minutes in the car and she spent the rest of the time crying and telling me i was a horrible mother for making her leave the aquarium.  motherhood - love it!

after spending so much time at the aquarium of the americas in new orleans with the boys this aquarium was a bit disappointing BUT pezza enjoyed it.  i have pics at the bottom of this post for those interested.

as you know my buddy suzanne has started a new challenge group over on color me creative for smash booking/scrapbooking/journaling.  our challenge for january is a 2012 to do list/resolutions.  mine is going to truly be a smash up of all sorts of things - part to do, part ideas, part art journal experimentation.  so today i have some pages i put together with my ideas for pezza's room which i am hoping to get done very soon.  i have been collecting pics from catalogs and pinterest for sometime every time i run across something i like so i put them on this first page:
next i put the {very} rough sketch i did for hubby one morning at breakfast when i was explaining my grand scheme.  the best part is that pezza found the sketch on the breakfast bar later and added to it.  also a couple more inspiration pics:
then we headed to the paint store.  hubby hasn't seen these and he is not a fan of lots of color {hi baby!  it will be awesome i promise!}

i pulled out my colored pencils and made another rough sketch:

i am sure i will refine it and re-work it before it is finally on the wall but it's a good start!

 this puffin swam against the glass all day long!
 tempting fate over the rain forest river exhibit - cuz that's what she does...
we decided we are both IN LOVE with jelly fish...


  1. LOL well see you can't blame all your trip-from-hell moments on me cuz I wasn't there bwahahaha! CHA here we come baby! OY VEY! Pez's room is gonna be so cute, love it!


  2. Way to go Marti! I love the ideas you have for Pezza's room and I also love the paint color choices! I think it'll be so sweet!!

    Sounds like Pezza adored her trip the Aquarium....Gessh Mom...why'd you make her leave!! LMBO! Been through those tantrums...not fun!

    Hope the CHA trip goes well... Uneventful as far as the travel, but otherwise a lot of fun and cool news classes and goodies to see!

    PS: Isn't Pinterest just a blast for finding ideas...too bad I dont' seem too do as many as I find!! :)

  3. Hi, Marti. Sounds like you have your hands full. I remember those days as my youngest son had ADD and I couldn't take him anywhere...LOL But he grew up and coped with it and is a wonderful parent himself now to another ADD son...LMBO What comes around goes around as they say. :)
    Cute idea for Pezza's room; great color choices. Love the smashbook page.
    Cathy Lee