Tuesday, September 30, 2008

it's all business today.....

hello everyone!!

who's tired of my no pics postings regarding products *waving my hand wildly* - SO ready to get back to projects and tutorials but first one last time:

just a quick post today - i want to give you all some updates from the store.

studio g series 20 & 22 AND Christmas Ink sets have ALL been shipped - what this means is that if you live in the US and you have NOT received a shipping notice (please be sure to check) then you should let me know immediately! outside the US please give it a couple weeks and then let me know.

halloween ink and glitter glue - i am waiting on a shipment so there are still some of those orders waiting, however, if you ordered back in july or august and have not received yours please let me know.

wooden alpha series 4 - all shipped. i have more of these as well as one set of series 1 if you are interested.


shipping has been delayed from ranger - they are now saying nothing was shipped out like it was going to be and it will be mid-october.

versamark dazzle - supposed to be shipping to me this week

nothing new to report on the horizon for studio g however i am fairly certain anything new will not happen until after the first of the year.

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