Monday, September 1, 2008

Business change - HUGE announcement

so here it is - FREE SHIPPING in the USA - yes thats right FREE SHIPPING on

WHY? well i have been mulling this over for several months as i fight with paypal's shipping cofiguration and it wins every time. MOST of the time it under charged which is fine. but then occasionally it would suddenly GROSSLY over charge and that is very worrisome as I HATE shipping charges when I shop!!! so i am dumping them all together - there ARE some exceptions however. free shipping DOES NOT apply to scrap wraps and bead pops (those are other's items...) AND in the interest of fairness it does not apply to current studio G sets available for order/pre-order. however it WILL apply to all future studio G items.

AND i still plan on keeping my prices BELOW the suggested retail prices.


i keep LOTS of requests for a newsletter which i have been resisting. BUT i gave in *waving hi to terri* - gave me the final push. SO this newsletter will contain product/store info ONLY. the info will still be included on my blog as well but for those that JUST want the studio g info the newsletter will be a better subscription for them. as always i will provide updates on ALL studio G not just the ones i sell so we can all be on the lookout whereever we need to be on the lookout. so PLEASE subscribe in the box on the right of my blog and PASS THIS INFO ON if you frequent a board or group that you know has studio g fanatics let them know about the change so they can subscribe as well. this newsletter will also provide updates on items that are backordered or pre-orders as well to cut down on the confusion. the first "issue" will go out this Friday so help me spread the word so everyone can keep up-to-date.

fianlly-anyone with an extra set or pack of last years ac moore christmas studio g stamps i NEED them!!! hahahha!!

thanks all - pray for no bugs after changing the shipping!!!!!
love you ALL

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  1. Marti! Am I on the list for a Newsletter?