Thursday, September 18, 2008

drive by posting......

this will be a quick one. i was getting the baby up and i heard a noise outside - so i look out the window and there is a UPS truck - not in FRONT of my house but backed up IN my driveway - needless to say series 22 has arrived! it remains to be seen if they are all intact - the first box i opened was missing a set. but oh they are so very cute!!! so rest assured i will be sorting and shipping my little heart out as fast as i can and expect more boxes tomorrow......i will likely to be very slow to respond to emails during the next few days and please keep in mind that to answer everyone's emails about where they are in line just prevents me from shipping (4 1/2 hours yesterday answering emails :P)

on another note - i could NOT help but take a break and get some pics of the most amazing little gift i received in the mail today from a friend over on the paper patch crafts MB:

i was in a recipe swap and the girl who volunteered to put everyone's together made up these little boxes - tailored to each of us with our fave colors and boy did she hit the nail on the head with mine!!! i utterly adore it!!! thanks ever so much shelly!!!!! she also included the series 14 & 17 studio G stamps i can't get which i am so grateful for!! back to the front lines!

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  1. That's a nice recipe holder & cute cards from your swap. My fav colors are also purple & green (although usually not together, but those were perfect!)