Tuesday, February 26, 2008

UGH!! how retarded.....series 11 and my Ms

so i trek all the way out to Michaels yesterday to check their $1 stamp bin - nothing. i find someone who works there, explain I am looking for the new series 11. she calls someone in the stock room - they DO have something new for the $1 bin. we walk back to the stack room and what does she show me???? series 7!!!! i said um those are way behind - everyone already has those. she insists that no other Ms has had series 7 out yet and i say yes someone has already sent me a set before xmas.....she argues and i just give up and leave. WOW!!! so i am apparantly SOL on series 11. I live in a huge metropolitan area - you would think they would be on top of things....but anyway, IF there is anyone out there who does NOT have series 7 yet let me know and i'll grab some for you :P so frustrating! oh and my ac moore finally got out the series 9 - yay.

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  1. Hi Marti,

    I am so there with you on these little stamps. It's so frustrating that my Mike's has been selling set #7 since December!

    I saw in your store the info from Hampton Art about the upcoming sets. Here it is middle of March and no one, not even on eBay has set number 11. If I ever see any at my Mike's I will let you know. Thank you,