Friday, February 8, 2008

oh the things i'll have for you...

well no project to post today - have been working on my big surprise for ya'll with my mom while she was here. she left yesterday :( wish she didn't live so far away. i was down in my studio yesterday and boy, i almost have too many new toys to play with...ok well you can never have too many. my hubby is so funny - he rides motorcycles and is going to some track with his brother to race or something and they require leather suits for safety. so he says, well figure out something frivolous you want since i am getting something frivolous - ummmmm i have frivolous coming out of my ears down there :) but isn't he a sweetie! i truly have the best life ever!!

so i am down to the studio to work on a 2 page layout for this months tech club - i am helping my SU demo stacey because she had a baby yesterday!!!!!!!!! ohh i see a baby card in my future...... once that's done i can go back to experimenting with my Ranger stuff.

started a great post on the cricut board i hope everyone likes - got the idea on split coast - about products people are afraid of. when i first saw the post i thought oh how silly but as i read it i realized i really had a lot of fear about certain products and techniques but lately i have been doing alot to overcome those - one of the biggest was anything by Tim Holtz - ha ha!!!!!! and mod podge - i know - how ridiculous is that. anyway i hope it will be a great place for people to offer tips and help others overcome their product fears! next on my list - acrylic albums - YIKES!! have a friend who is going to help me out when she gets back from CHA - along with giving me the scoop on all the new goodies - stay tuned..........monday's post should be fabulous!!!

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