Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Camping - First Run Layout

Hi all!

I am happy & excited - we got our first foster momma cat of the season yesterday and she has not had her babies yet!  For my new readers who may not know, I foster kittens all spring and summer (and sometimes longer.)  My new little momma to be is a gorgeous smoky grey long hair named Chai.  I am not sure I have ever seen a more affectionate cat!  So now we play the waiting game....

In the meantime I wanted to post another layout with you.  Again this was designed completely within the Cricut Design Space program based very loosely on a sketch from the got Sketch blog.  It is a bit more work on the front end to design this way but leads to alot less wasted paper and trial and error on the back end.

So let me just start with HOW cute is that paper????  It is from the Jillybena Soup Happy Camper Stew Collection - I got a bunch of papers last year with camping themes for all of our camping pictures - these pics are from 2011 so I have a lot of layouts to catch up on :P  Getting our Travel Trailer in 2011 has really helped quell my gypsy wandering tendencies - before marrying my husband I packed up and moved with alarming frequency!

Up until now I only had a very old cartridge called Camp Out for camping images.  Now I search for camping in Design Space and realize there are many more that have come out since I last purchased cartridges or paid attention to them.  Or perhaps they are spread out on different cartridges making it difficult to find them all.  Needless to say I found just the right things!

Rather than a full title, I decided I really liked this camping badge so I used that instead.

Of course as soon as I saw this little car & trailer I knew that had to go on here!  Of COURSE I had to jazz up the trailer with some tiny stamped flowers from a Studio G $1 stamp set - in real life our trailer is NOT so whimsical as you can tell from the pictures - hubby would NEVER allow it!  Hahahah!  both the blue and the pink borders are also done in Design Space.  I have a truckload of border punches and I am tiring of them and wish I had more but they are so darn expensive!  So I have visions of using Design Space and my Explore instead but I have yet to perfect it and cut one that is a full 12" so the blue one is in 2 pieces.

In the Old Cricut Message Board FB group we got to reminiscing and that would never be complete without a mention of the Skittles craze started by my favorite friend Catherine (Silly Skittles) way back when.  I eventually began having them manufactured with glitter in them or pictures printed on them and I STILL find them to be the perfect little finishing touch on many of my projects!

What have you been working on???  My scrapbooking is on hold for a brief bit while I finish up a great mixed media piece on my studio table.  Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to get back to it and finish it up to show you!

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