Friday, August 16, 2013

Scrapping digi style

Hi all!

On our list of summer fun family fun time this year - the county fair.  Now I haven't checked off everything I put on the list at the beginning but I am doing my best.  Initially we were going to hit OUR county's fair and catch it on demolition derby night - another check mark!  BUT it rained out and we skipped it so we went to the fair in the next county and caught the truck and tractor pull (YEP check mark).  Now I have to say - I was spoiled in San Diego by going to the Del Mar State Fair every year - it was massive and amazing.  This fair...not so much.  I was excited initially looking online at the contest categories for crafts and art and such....yikes.  Pezza was another story.  She has never been to a fair.  We did the buy a bracelet and ride all night option and her and two little friends raced around to do the kiddie rides.  I let her stay until the end (10:00pm) and get an ice cream.  While we were waiting in line she hugged me real tight and told me it was the best thing ever in the whole world and I was the best mom.  Funny how little it takes huh?!?! 

So today I am sharing a layout but not the usual layout.  This one is a digital layout.  Now I know there are some big time digi scrappers out there and they do ALL of their stuff digital.  I am not one of those but oh how I do love to collect it all up!  It is SO much cheaper!  What I do love digi scrapping for - making books for family.  I can send digital photos but they never get printed out or I can send photos and they get tucked away.  There is no way I would manage to do books for all three sets of grandparents but digi is perfect.  I can make a brag book - maybe throw in a few pics customized for each set of grandparents and then print them out and bind them.  I always print my own stuff so I am sure you can do the same basic thing through Shutterfly or something but I don't know anything about that.  I love making my own stuff in Photoshop too.  So here are my first two pages:

 I used a super old set called Sweetie Pie from Ellie Lash and Scrapbook Graphics.  It's not available anymore but they have LOADS of adorable stuff.

I approach my digital pages the same way I do my regular ones.  You can purchase layout templates but I did not find one I wanted to use so I grabbed a sketch I liked on Page Maps and worked from that.  Know what else is nice about these?  Digi pages are easy to bring with me and work on during long car rides!  We have some sort of gizmo my genius hubby knew about that plugs into the car and we have a regular electrical outlet so I can plug in.  I have used our long rides this summer to go through and completely organize all of my photos from the last 3 years so I can get them all scrapped!

Have YOU done any digi scrapping?  Where is your favorite place to get supplies?

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