Monday, August 19, 2013

More digi scrapbook pages

Hello everyone!

As you read this we will be on our way back home from another long weekend in our camper. Oh how I love our camper trips (though this one had some grumpy rough spots.) We spent the weekend in Lancaster County - of course now I want to move there. I always want to move where ever it is we visit. I just like to move. But Lancaster is truly spectacularly beautiful. AND I am obsessed with farms - and Amish farms are the best. So of course I made everyone take a buggy ride to tour one. As good as I imagined and then some! And those Amish have quite the setups - these farms are HUGE and don't let the lack of electricity fool you. It' is a misconception. They have PLENTY of power just not from power lines - it's all propane, compressed air, solar, gas, diesel but still power. I also think we need some baby goats - oh so cute!  We had some fantastic meals and hubby even indulged me in a stop at a quilt shop - the handmade quilts were GORGEOUS OMG!  and pricey!  But someone bought one while we were there so they must sell some at least occasionally.  Sunday was supposed to be Dutch Wonderland day for Pezza (a kiddie amusement park) but instead it was looking like a rain day BOO!  We hit a true diner for lunch and then decided to give the amusement park a try anyway since it was only sprinkling here and there and not a full down pour.  We lucked out and it was fantastic!  The park was VERY UNcrowded so no lines or crowds.  Pezza tends toward the dramatic (I know you're all shocked right) so she kept saying stuff was too scary - keep in mind this is a park GEARED for small kids so nothing too crazy.  It was like mini versions of regular rides.  BUT we convinced her to conquer her fears and she went on everything but the larger roller coaster and each time she ended up LOVING it!  Now I am a HUGE ride weenie but since she was doing it I figured I better do it too.  She had me on the log ride THREE times - scares me to death with the straight drop at the end UGH!  So basically we ate diner food, funnel cakes, soft pretzzels and rode puke inducing spinny fly in the air butterfly stomach rides all day.  An awesome time was had by all!  The down side - I was sure we would get rained out and end up going back today so I brought no camera with me - not even my cell phone so NO PICS!  UGH!  We finished it off with daddy teaching her how to fish since our camp site was right on the edge of a stream.

While on the road and during down time in the camper I worked on a few more digi pages for my brag book I am making to pass around to the grandparents:

Again I used some digi collection kits I have had for ages.  I have been collecting them for as long as I have been scrapping but if you are interested in getting some I can at least tell you my fave places to shop - Scrapbook Graphics, Sweet Shoppe, Scrap Girls, Scrapbook Elements & Designer Digitals.  I am sure there are more out there I have not even found!

Do you have a fave store for digi scrap goodies?  Leave me a link in the comments!

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