Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beach fun digi pages

Hello friends!

BOY coming back from vacation is hard!  We have lots on our to-do list - unpacking, cleaning up the house, Grocery shopping, school clothes shopping, haircut...  I brought along a pair of long pants for Hollyn when we were camping and when I put them on WOW has she grown.  Everything was still a little big at the end of the winter last year but it is NOT going to work at all for this year.  I had thought we would get away with no shopping!

I have 2 more pages done for my digi brag book to share with you.  I worked on them on my way home Monday. 

These are pics from our trip to Myrtle Beach at the start of the summer.  I used a fantastic collection of digi scrap stuff from the Sweet Shoppe called Heatwave.  It is PACKED full of great stuff and a great deal at only $7.99!

Now the great thing about digi scrapping - if you are not familiar with it - is that it can be done completely from scratch with kits like I usually do it OR you can get templates or even ready made quick pages.

Quick pages are already completely done for you - you just drop in your pictures and you're done.  Most are 12 x 12 but alot of places have them in smaller sizes for mini albums too.  Some 12 x 12 Heatwave quick pages are available too!  EIGHT gorgeous pages of summer fun ready for your pictures!

An in between option is to use templates for your pages.  With templates you have all of the layers in place for your papers, pictures and embellishments BUT you can use whatever digi collection you want - you just drop them into place!  The Sweet Shoppe has lots of templates too!  For the pages above I made my own templates since I am doing 5 x 7 pages not 12 x 12. 

I like doing the pages for my own scrapbooks the traditional way but digi is definitely the way to go when making several albums to give away.  I usually just print them out and bind them with my Bind It All machine but I am thinking of looking in to having them printed through something like Shutterfly so they are an actual bound book.

Now I am off to bed with some allergy meds - the ragweed does me in every year but this year it seems especially bad!


  1. Wow! The sand castle your daughter made is seriously commendable *Thumps up*