Monday, August 26, 2013

Mini crochet fun

One. More. Week.

Yep - just one more week before school is back in session here in Loudoun County.  I might be jumping for a joy.  You see that's what happens when it's the third kid and you are 22 years into parenthood!  Not because I don't love her, not because I don't enjoy, not because I don't appreciate her and how lucky I am to have her - I am just realistic.  I need a breather and she needs WAY more to do than I can provide on a daily basis!  I do wish I had gotten more checked off on our summer fun time list than I did but I am happy for the fun things we DID do.  She is super excited to get back to school too.  This will be her first year going full day - I think she'll be fine.  I also think my house might finally get back to normal and I will be glad to get a routine going again.  I have visions of all I will accomplish in those long hours alone!  In silence.....and uninterruptedness........

We have had LOTS to do in our last week that's for sure.  This past weekend Pezza cheered for her little football team for the first time and perhaps got a glimpse of what the hell this whole cheer thing is.  It was only scrimmage games.  Our first real game, with parents and bleachers will be this Saturday.

Pezza is the one on the far left with her daddy's sunglasses on...

And in crazy cat lady news...

No I didn't find this pic on the internet to accentuate my point - that is actually the cat tree in my basement :P  It's got all the cats but our two old orange cats on it!

Anyway, Baguette & Brioche were adopted this weekend!  SO very happy for them to find a loving permanent home.  Their brother, Bun is still with us - his eyes are not getting well enough for him to get fixed but we are going to try on Thursday.  I want to keep him but hubby is worried about long term costs.  Plus he's a wee bit naughty...But oh my LORD is he a sweetie pie!  We also have one named Buddy - another Maine Coon we thought might hit it off with Bubba but we aren't sure it's going to happen :(  And then there's Biscuit - the momma.  Such a mess!  She can't go to adoption events because she is too scared so I have to hope someone will see her on the website for LDCRF and ask to meet her.

I DO have a crafty endeavor to share - not paper but still crafty!

Remember the dollhouse I have been building for a million years?  Ok only two but it sure came to a screeching halt for awhile.  Just waiting on hubby to cut the center walls now and then we will be doing the final work.  In the meantime we have collected furnishings and Pezza picked out a living room set.  I decided I wanted to try my hand at crocheting an afghan for her - I have been crocheting since I was a kid and some of my older readers may remember some of the crocheted embellishments I have shared in the past (the link is to my old blog on Wordpress.)

I told her she could also use it on the kids bed:
I made the kitty blanket and pillows too.  How perfect is that Cat bedroom set for us?!?!  She decided she wanted this one in the living room though so I am nearly done with another one for the bed.  I so admire the intricacy of the really good mini crocheters on etsy - they use even tinier thread and hook than I am here.  I so want to be able to do that eventually.  But I will probably need a magnifying glass to do it.  I am also considering doing some miniature mixed media artwork to hang on the walls....

Have any of you done miniature crochet???  Any advice???

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