Sunday, March 3, 2013

Starting a new adventure....

Happy Sunday!

Is everyone having a good weekend???  I am exhausted BUT it's because I have been having some fun so that's a pretty good deal right???  If any of you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I am NOT a nightowl.  Nope.  Not even a little.  I am a morning person.  Morning is my sharpest, most productive time and I am mostly useless after 6pm.  But my good friend and neighbor, Heather, was having a 31 Bags party Thursday evening so I headed out for some girl time and socializing.  I did not get home until after 11!!!!  And of course Bubba, my kitty, was right there to wake me up at 4:45 on the dot like every morning EEK!  But so worth it.  And then yesterday I went to an all day crop to benefit the PTO at Pezza's school and got to sit with my sweet sweet friend Amy Sheffer (Pickled Paper) - I just adore her!  I am going to share more about my plan to catch up with my scrapbooking this week in case some of you might find it helpful!

I HAVE been spending a bit of time in my studio too but I wanted to take a minute today and let y'all know about a new adventure I am starting.  Because as you all know I have SO much free time... :P  I have NEVER done any sort of home party/direct marketing type thing in my life and have maybe gone to 3 parties of that sort in my lifetime other than stamp club for Stampin' Up.  BUT I came across something several months ago that I really love and after much thought and debate I signed up and I can't wait to share it!  Have you heard of Origami Owl Living Lockets?  Here is the one I wore for my crop yesterday:

So how do they work?  The locket opens up like any locket and the little word plates and charms inside are interchangeable as well as the dangling items above the locket.  You can use the locket and charms to tell your story - everyone has a story to tell!

I just adore the concept and I think the products are fabulous.  Great quality and reasonable price.  If you want to see more and are curious about the products you can visit my Origami Owl website and take a look.  The company is fairly new and was started by a 14 year old girl named Bella who wanted to save money for a car.  It grew into something much bigger than she had ever imagined!  Want to earn some freebies to build your locket and tell your story with?  I am booking parties both in person and online so let me know if you would like to schedule one!

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