Friday, March 15, 2013

Layouts - done!


I have been thoroughly enjoying the little glimpses of spring we have had lately along with the extra daylight at the end of the day!  The temp was up in the 60s this past weekend and I was SO ready to be OUT of the house I got nearly ALL of my gardens cleared of the dried dead foliage I leave for some winter interest. We also go the family room re-painted - my adorable little artist managed to color the walls in every room on all three floors when she was little so we are slowly recovering now that she is older and {slightly} more sane.  I had the WORST time picking a color!  When we built the house 8 1/2 years ago I was very into dark colors and high drama.  I have since gotten over myself and am more in the mood for lighter, brighter, funner but I was worried I went to far with the green I chose.  It was a bit...minty.  Think My Little Pony Mint Green.  NOT what I am after.  But once we got the whole room done it is fine - the previous pinkish-taupe was reflecting and doing weird things to it I think!  We had to go back to Home Depot for a second gallon of paint and 3 pansies Monday and Pezza and I ended up leaving with 37 packs of seeds and a seed starting kit EGADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We'll see how that little adventure goes...

All of these shenanigans have left little time for me to be in the studio BOO!  That makes me cranky and I am having a tough time finding my mojo.  But when last I typed I told you of my plan for my scrapping and I wanted to share a couple of the finished layouts.

So I am still totally old-school with my scrapping - I know many mixed media artists whose layouts are full of mixed media goodness too but I am just not there I guess....

I dug out this crocheted snowflake I made awhile back and put in on a felt circle.

I also pulled out this great chipboard swirls and covered them with a fave of mine - Frantage embossing enamel in shabby blue.

It was difficult to take good pictures in the Aquarium because of the lighting but several of them turned out really cool!

For this layout I pulled out my Cricut Cartridges and some Stickles!

Aren't they cute!

And here are a couple for the next round I took the other day - she was QUITE proud...
Nothing quite like FINALLY perfecting blowing a bubble!

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