Monday, December 17, 2012

flowers for pezza


did y'all have a nice weekend?  hubby is on a kick to whip our family room into shape which i am all for!  so we did some couch hunting, floor pricing, blind buying, etc.  3 of the 5 blinds were broken, our couches have seen better days and the carpet in here is just blech - plus i am not a huge fan of carpet anyway.  so we got some white wood blinds which look nice.  got some hardwood floor samples - i am really liking the bamboo - has a fab pattern to it.  for couches we have been debating on regular couches plus an ottoman or getting reclining couches again.  we were leaning towards regular until we came across a southern motion one with memory foam - wowsa!  we are going to re-paint too - it is taupe right now which hubby calls purple and he says we have too much taupe on the walls.  really the whole house needs repainting now that pezza is older.  i am not sure there is a wall on all three floors that she did not color on.  and it is not washing off wither - but if anyone has any ideas to offer up i'd love to hear them!

it's super dreary and quite chilly here so i have some beef and barley soup on the stove YUM!!!  the whole house smells so good!

i have a completely UN christmas post for you today - another project from an upcoming class:

pezza GREATLY influenced the materials used and this will be hanging in her room!

this background technique is fast becoming one of my faves and it is featured on my christmas cards this year too - i will post that later in the week!  for now i am off to get some things done around the house!

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