Friday, December 14, 2012

a Dover Christmas...

hi everyone!

ok who is done with everything for Christmas???  so NOT me!  I have finished my christmas shopping but i have NOT finished my Christmas cards OR the purse I am making for my mom  EGADS!  i think i will have the christmas cards done tomorrow (have i posted that before???)  and perhaps the purse will get done this weekend...I think we have all weekend free for once.    even my Sunday is free now since we have no foster kittens to take to the adoption event.  my poor Bubba kitty is LOST without any baby friends though.  kitten DISASTER really - whiny and needy all day loooong.  poor thing.  i hope he remembers how fun they were when we get a new batch in the spring when kitten season starts!

have you gone over to Color Me Creative and checked out the festivities over there?  did you know you can win a freakin' Cameo even?????  do take a peek at the Holiday Bash and have some fun!

and how about another christmas crafting contest - because NONE of us have enough to do right?????  this one has me really excited though!  are you familiar with Dover publications?  even if you think you aren't you probably are!  and if you are an artist or crafter of any kind you NEED to be!!!  they have been around forever - coloring books are a big one - you see them in Michaels all the time.  cut out clip art books are another - my mom has used them for DECADES in her art work.  the best part - nearly everything is royalty free!  they are great collection sources for inspiration as well.  however - they are slow to catch up with the times.  it took FOREVER for them to offer their collections on CD even - which was huge because otherwise you had to trace, scan, or photocopy the images in order to use them.  more recently i have been wishing they were available as instant downloads so i didn't have to wait for a cd to arrive in the mail.  well guess what - THEY ARE NOW!  the best part you can buy whole collections or just the images you want.  oh my mind is on overload with ideas but for today i have a project I am entering in their Heartwarming Holiday Craft Contest.

This is done on an MDF board (of course).  I used an image transfer technique to put my black & white image on the piece after the background was done.
once it was transferred I painted it in using Twinkling H2Os to emphasize the image and add some subtle sparkle.  I think I could make a whole collection of stuff using this method!  of course i don't know what i would do with all the finished pieces afterward!  perhaps i should get my etsy shop going again!  this style of mixed media artwork will also be included in my next online mixed media workshop on Color Me Creative!

Go check out the Dover Digi Shop for yourself and you can also check out the other entries on their Pinterest Board!

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