Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a new idea...


how are you? anyone drowning in christmas stress yet?  i decided to help myself out a bit this year and do some very low key decorating so i could deal with everything else.  so we have our one tree up and a few other things in the family room.  i am supposed to be doing some paintings to turn into christmas cards but THAT hasn't happened yet EEK!  silly me volunteered to cut a bunch of things out for a make n take for the kids at pezza's school to do at the winter wonderland thing friday - of COURSE my black cat would not cooperate.  so a 2 hour project took up ALL of the free time i had for three days!!!  ARGH!!!  after some sort of MAGIC it all started working again and i got it all done today.  this is my first time being a stay at home mom and i was going to be all super involved BUT she is only gone for 3 hours so i am thinking maybe i should save the super involvement for when she is in school full time...

i have been so excited cuz i got a new toy.  an early xmas present.  my camera died.  i really need to have a camera.  but i wanted a GOOD one - a DSLR like my brother has been making me jealous with for the last several years.  i grilled him.  i researched.  i picked one.  i looked at the price.  i cried.  hubby made me promise not to run out impulsively and put it on the credit card.  then i began digging through my craft room and putting cricut stuff up on ebay.   hubby was out of town when i did this.  i told him how much money i had scraped up so far.  hubby began to panic.  he said DO NOT BUY A CAMERA.  meanwhile the UPS guy left a note on my door - i had to sign for a box from amazon.  why would i have to SIGN for it????  we do ALL of our xmas shopping on amazon so we had already had a number of boxes show up.  the next day i saw the ups guy on my porch again putting another note on my door.  so i yell and wave and hurry up and he re-scans it and i sign and it is addressed to me...WEIRD.  i don't remember ordering anything?  we ordered under hubby's account...so i tear it open wondering what i ordered and i pull out...a nikon d5100 dslr camera the BEST - better than what i was going to get...i freak out and put it back in the box while i try to figure out what the heck has just happened.  then i take it out again and look at the enclosure - it is from MY BROTHER.  i sat down on the floor i was so stunned.  i took it out of the box, hugged it, got scared, put it back in....needless to say i have ALOT to learn.  but even just regular pics on auto with this camera blow me away - see for yourself on today's project:

now for the project deets - i used the sketch on the scs sketch challenge as my starting point and laid out my base papers like the layers of the sketch.  i smudged on cream and lime green paint with my fingers.  the black circles are a stabilo pencil watered down and then i sprayed and dripped cornflower walnut stain on it. 

i finished it off with an image transfer of this cool old car.  i have lots more ideas for image transfers i can't wait to try!  who needs a stamp???  i will be covering them in an upcoming class on Color Me Creative! 

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  1. That is so cool Marti and congrats on the new camera. Very nice brother!!