Thursday, January 29, 2009

cha fun people fun time part......whats my name again...???

well i am home now - so sorry for the late post but i came home to a super sickie little pez-a-doodle. she is all stuffy, and coughy and her eyes are watering and just a big mess poor baby!

so day 4 was a total blur. i realized i had left my cell phone somewhere the day before so i did a bit of the re-trace my steps thing but never found it. so hubby just told me he got me another one and it's PURPLE - YUMMO!!!

i will be working on getting the new goodies posted to the store so y'all can order away but keep in mind it is not all in stock so i will try and do a run down:

acetate boxes in stock now except the A2 size - those should be here in a couple days.

flower soft kits - about a week until they arrive but they are already up in the store to order

all things tim/ranger - late march-early april

zva bling - about 2 weeks maybe less


in stock right now - bittersweet and sweetie pie - RUN don't walk over and get them before i run out!!! Once it is gone i won't be ordering more!

new kits are coming:

the felties i showed you..... - those will be one of them

also mimosa by SEI

a very sparkly glittered easter collection of goodies

and some new doodlebug mini kits

these kits will be FABULOUS!! as an added bonus i will also be making clay and/or crocheted embellies to include with them to give you lots of new fun unique goodies to play with!

many of you already saw the handmade clay embellies on the Polkadot Pie samples and here are some crocheted ones to give you an idea (totally unfinished - been busy lately):

also i will have some super secret DEElish embellies coming but it could be a couple months on those so i will keep that under wraps for now!

i spent a good bit of my last day running around to some non papercraft booths and playing - i did one stroke painting with donna dewberry - i have been following her for decades i think and always wanted to try that technique. i also played with some different types of clays and checked out some yarn and crochet patterns.

spent alot of time at the clearsnap booth at the request of my studio G rep and jenny really gave me the grand product tour - so thank you to jenny.
on our last night i had set up a dinner with anyone from the cricut board who would be at cha. we met up at bubba gumps:
had a BLAST girls!! it was SO good to meet y'all!!!
and here we are the three muskateers:

by the end of the night we were all so worn out! no wonder cha is only 4 days!!!
well i have a sick lil pezzy on my lap and still loads of work to catch up on!
********this will be the last CHA post you need to comment on to enter the drawing for the new alcohol inks. BUT don't miss tomorrow - a lil somethin extra might just pop up for ya!******


  1. Marti, I'm so sorry to hear that Pezzy's sick. What a thing to come home to! Hope she gets better soon. I'm sure your bones and every bit of your body is worn out, but was probably worth it. I'll have to go check out your store with new items as soon as I get more time! Love the crocheted embellies and your one-stroke painted heart. You dabble in a bit of everything it seems. LOL
    StephanieDoan from Cricut MB

  2. Hi Marti, I'm glad you are home safe, even though it is to a sick Pezzy. I have so enjoyed your pix and posts about CHA. Thank you. Your Donna D. project looks like you already know what you are doing!!
    Linda lsfouratwindstreamdotnet

  3. Glad you made it home safe and sound!!!
    So sorry to hear that Pezzy isn't feeling well.

    Your Donna Dewberry project looks very nice!

    Can't wait to see all the new products in your store.

    Have a great day!!!

  4. Aww so sorry lil Pezzy is Sick...all my guys have that nasty cold too but lil Prezzie had it the worst!

    You have barely been home and you're giving us store updates already!! What a trooper! You go and take care ofthe beauty of a lil girl of yours, and enjoy being back home :)

    So glad you were able to enjoy your time at CHA, and were able to learn and do so much!


  5. I'm so sorry lil one is sick :-(

    However I'm glad you had a great time. Thanks for the pics that was fun. And I'm off to order my mini kits right now! Your Donna Dewberry creation is phenom. I just cannot get the hang of that. Perhaps you will post a tutoria?

    Rest. Have a good weekend.

  6. thanks for sharing all your adventures! I hope Pezzy feels better soon and you catch up on your rest too!

  7. Hope little Pez gets better soon. But, she needs her mommy so take your time with her. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

  8. So sorry you came home to a sick little one. Tend to her, she needs you most. :) Sounds like you had such an awesome time!!

  9. Yay for the felties!!! I'm all about the flower soft kits as soon as I can scrape up some cash. I can't wait!!

  10. Awww, sorry you have home to a sick Pezzy. Poor baby girl. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last several days of seeing CHA through all of your postings. I am so excited with what you're bringing into the to find another job to pay for the goodies (on a spend-freeze, at the moment).

  11. So sorry to hear the little one is sick. Hope they get better soon. It's going around!
    I love the crochet pieces!

  12. So sorry the little one is sick. They just want their mommies! Can't wait to get my hands on some the the new CHA goodies.

  13. omg! you have to scrap that last pic! poor tired baby!!

    So sorry to hear your little one is under the weather - I just went through the same deal with mine and it's no fun :(

    Thanks for all the pics and info on this trip - what a hoot following your blog this week! LOVE it!!

  14. Hi Marti,

    I absolutely love your crocheted embellishments. They are so wonderful and I cannot believe you include them in the kits. You are something. Wow, you did a great job on your heart, it looks like you are a pro at that already. I'm glad you got home safe. It appears you are not that far from me. I live in Sterling. Thank you so much for the wonderful CHA blog. It was very much appreciated.

  15. BWAHAHAHAHAA....where is your exhausted picture?!?!?!! LOL....omg, my brain still can't even believe I was there with you guys and now I'm home already! Glad you got back safe...we MUST get together again SOON!!!

  16. Sick Pezzies lead to sick Pezzie dispensers, so take care of yourself. Love that one stroke....always wanted to try that myself! Cant wait for the goodies.

  17. Wow! What an adventure you have had! I will pray that your little own heals quickly. I love the new goodies at the store.

  18. sorry to hear lil pezzy I'd sick:(... Sounds & looks like you had a blast. Off to the store now to check out the mini kits & goodies... Looking forward to all the new arrivals especially those sassafrass felties!! Your crochet flowers look cute too.

  19. Oh my goodness, I know you are exhausted. I wish your little one a very speedy recovery. CXan't wait to find out what the delishous new embellie is!

  20. So sorry to hear about poor little Pezzy. Hope she feels better soon. Your crochet flowers are so pretty! I did crochet years ago, must get out my needles and give it a try again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Sorry pezzy is sick and you lost your least you got a sweet purple one!! Cant wait to see all the new stuff!!! Thanks for giving us the CHA play by play!

  22. Oh sorry to hear about Pezzy! I am glad you are home safe. Love the crocheted embellies!


  23. You're handmade flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!

  24. Sorry to hear that Pezzy's sick. Everyone around here has it too, including me.

    Your one-stroke daisies are great! I can't paint to save my life, but the one stroke method is pretty easy & I made a cute box in a class once. Of course it helps that we have a great teacher at my J's

  25. well my dear glad u r home ,sounds like u had a great time Love u Paula ,sorry so short but i am calling u now to see how my pez is

  26. glad you got back safe and sound but sorry it's to a sick little Pezzy. That makes it hard! Happy ordering all the new stuff and can't wait to see it all live! Kathy Eddy

  27. thanks for all your posts from CHA and the updates on the new products. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound!

  28. Sounds like you had a very fun and successful time. Sorry Pezzy is ill, but hope she'll soon be feeling better and enjoying all your new purchases!


  29. Sorry the little one is under the weather, but that probably happened since she missed you.

    I love the embellishments, especially the crocheted flowers.

  30. LOL you guys look tired . Thank you so much for the tour of the CHA. I wish I were there but hey since I wasn't this was just as good .
    Thank you again

  31. Sorry to hear Pezzy isn't feeling well. Looking forward to all of the new goodies! I like that Bittersweet kit. Those acetate boxes are great - perfect for gifts.

  32. I'm so glad you had such a good time. Too bad your little sweetie is sick. :(

  33. How sad to come home to a sick little one. I guess we can look at the bright can just hang out and snuggle w her and get your rest at the same time. I hope she's feeling better soon.
    I love the crocheted embellies and your go girl! I'd love to be able to do that! Thank you again for sharing your cha fun w the rest of us!


  34. the last pic is truly indicative of the end of a great marathon adventure. hope pezzy is well soon.

  35. What a fun adventure!
    Your crocheted embellies are so pretty!
    So sorry your 'lil one is sick.

  36. I hope Pezzy is feeling better...I sure some of Mom's hugs and kisses will get her better in no time. The little crocheted embellishments are adorable.

  37. so sorry pezzy is sick. thanks for all the sneaks peeks at all the up and coming goodies! Pick ME for the alcohol inks! boo hooo I want them so much! Anyway so glad you had fun...but sad pezzy is sick! Take care!