Sunday, May 25, 2008

SERIOUSLY adorable and a tip for studio G stamps

ok i want EVERYONE to go to this blog and leave a comment for the blog candy - too adorable!!! I love the work her mom does and just saw this link to her very own blog!

i also wanted to post a tip for the studio G stamps and all clear stamps - i have been meaning to do this for 2 weeks!!! i love the studio Gs and clear stamps in general but have always had trouble getting a full crisp image as the ink sometimes repels or beads up on the clear material the stamps is made of. SO i have found the answer and wanted to be sure and pass it on as it has made me fall in love with clear stamps even more. it is actually three tips:
1. don't press hard - they are so much softer than the red rubber we are all used to.
2. place a thin piece of foam under your paper when stamping - you know the little foam sleeves you can get to pack your dishes? that is perfect.
3. MOST IMPORTANT - take a piece of fine grade sandpaper and lightly sand the stamp - once i started doing this i have been able to use all of my stamps - no matter what company - with ALL of my different inks and it works every single time. EVEN for the el cheapo and oh so adorable studio Gs we all love so much!!! seriously gals - try it!!!

and don't forget to run over to Lillian's blog and leave a comment for her blog candy!!!!

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  1. DEFINITELY have to try this out because I press down on my Studio G's pretty hard and then I just end up getting really blotchy kind of there a certain way I have to sand it (like going one way or someting) and can I just get at it with the sand paper?