Wednesday, May 21, 2008

website announcement studio g announcement and blog candy!


as promised an announcement and a goodie to win!! My web store got a total make-over!! hooray!!! IN preparation for new things in the coming weeks i wanted a whole new look - so Catherine AKA SillySkittles hooked me up BIG TIME - **blowing kisses) i owe ya PIC!!!!

and so to celebrate i have something totally different to give away today. my mom is a superb porcelain artist and created this adorable little dish just for us!!! it is hand painted and oh so cute!!

whaddaya have to do you ask?? head on over and take a peek at the new look on the website and then come back here and leave a comment talling me what you think! I will do a drawing first thing Friday morning.

in addition to the new look i have also posted pics of MOST of series 12 on the Studio G page. I am still hoping to get me hands on some of these to sell to those of you who do not live near a Michaels - stay tuned!!!!

edited to add: Got 'em! i have a limited number of series 12 available for purchase on the website.


  1. Jean aka Pink CamoMay 21, 2008 at 1:46 PM

    Love the new look, the colors are very pretty!

  2. The website is awesome. Way to go doing the skittles like this. I am way impressed. I have bookmarked your site as a fav of mine for future use. Do you take Paypal? Again I am very impressed!

    Joy Plyler
    Please enter me on the drawing!

  3. Of course I love your blog - it's PINK!!! It looks very nice!
    CricAddict from MB

  4. Marti...the store looks great. I love the colors!!! It is easy to navigate!

  5. Love the new site!! awesome stuff your mom does!

  6. I also love the colors. I also like the page where you show pics & describe lots of techniques with the inks, perfect pearls & embossing powders.

  7. Absolutely love the color combination. Your site is so easy to navigate, and (I know this hasn't changed but want to comment on it anyway) LOVE that you have a record of all of the Studio G stamps!

  8. Love the update! The colors and design are fabulous and the site is easy to navigate. Your mom's work is beautiful.

  9. Wow! Love the summery colors. I love the ease of using your site. I will be a frequent visitor.

  10. Love the colors on the website! Very springy and easy to use. I love checking out your site daily for new finds!


  11. Your new colors have a cotton candy look! Pink and green are very in right now.


  12. Marti I was first!! I commented I loved your "new" look over on the cricut board. Ok, I don't know maybe I wasn't first, but I still love the new look!