Saturday, March 29, 2008

studio g series 11 michaels stalking take 437 :P

ok so i have been stalking Michaels forever and buttering up the floor manager for months in an attempt to get an in. i stopped by thursday (to get scribbles glitter paint to compare to scribbles - **waving to the cricut board for that one**) i digress. SO here is what i saw - they were cleaning out the usual dollar bins where they have the studio g stamps and almost all of it is clearanced for 50 cents. the sales girl said they are making way for a whole new slew of dollar items. then i asked for the manager and as soon as he saw me he said dollar stamps right? :P they probably make fun of me when i leave. ANYWAY, he said he is fairly sure that there will be new dollar stamps coming in sometime this coming week. he is going to check on it (yea right but we can hope). so i figure we could be on the verge of spying these stamps. i will be digging out as many sets as i can IF they do show up. but if ya'll are in Ms and see them cleaning out the bins keep your eye out.

i also have a call in for an update on the next series i will be able to carry on my website. i hope they call me back on Monday!! If anyone sees the series 11 - brown packaging out at their Ms post in the comments and let us know!!


  1. Marti's blog for studio g news stalking take 8...

    My Michael's pretty much sucks and never has any idea what I'm stalking about when I ask for Studio G. I will be watching this blog veeeery closely...LOL

  2. Hello,

    I found these at my Michaels In Reno NV. Just a gorgeous set. CHeck your local Michaels.

    Enjoy !