Friday, March 21, 2008

grungeboard is here and studio g news

HOORAY!! i ordered grungeboard to stock in the webstore but was told it was all back ordered until late april. imagine my surprise when i got home from my mom's and opened my latest shipment from Ranger and found grungeboard!! not all of it mind you but i did get elements in swirl, dots, stripe and harlequin and some of the uncut sheets in plain. this stuff is so cool and fun to play with. i hope to have some more things to show you with it coming soon.

in addition i wanted to give you all the latest update on the studio g stamps. a set is in the works that WILL be available to me. they expect to release it in 6-8 weeks but DO NOT have pics available yet. SO more are coming :P still no sightings of the series 11 yet.

well lots to do since i got back - got cabinets for the basement and got them home and decided we didn't like them so instead of getting my area re-organized today i have to wait until tomorrow :( guess i get to do some house cleaning yay.....ha ha!!

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