Monday, November 4, 2013

Mixed Media for kids!

Hi all!

Happy Monday - BLAH!  Though I DO like the time change.  I operate better with this time schedule.  Pezza has today and tomorrow off so the teachers can have parent conferences.  Parenting has not been stellar this weekend either let me tell ya.  MAN this shit's hard!  And grown kids are not easier sometimes.  Harder in some ways.  It is hard to let them "write their own stories" when I have the benefit of so much hindsight.  But then I sure didn't listen to a thing my parents said either - honestly, I still don't so there ya go!  Yesterday I liked 1 out of 3 kids :P  hahha!  Today Pezza is off of school - teacher work days today and tomorrow.  We went out and ran errands together and she was perfectly enjoyable.  However I remember why I don't take her on errands - every place we went I needed 1-2 things and she got 8 or 10 :P

I caved and decided to teach my kids' mixed media class after school again at Pezza's school.  This time I left out the Kindergartners.  I had a couple repeat students and lots of new ones!  11 kids total!  I came up with 3 projects again but this time very different ones.  Our last class is this week and pretty much all of my creative time has been spent on prep for the classes each week.  Last week they finished one of their projects so I thought I would share it with y'all.  Here is my prototype/sample:

 Each student decorated their initial! 

We started with big wooden initials and they put crumpled tissue paper on with Mod Podge.  Then I gave them a variety of chipboard items to glue on plus a big cardboard shape.  I had some pre-cut chipboard pieces plus some pieces I cut myself from cereal boxes using sizzix dies.  I showed them how to peel off the top layer of cardboard to reveal the stripe-y texture underneath

Next they painted them one solid color - complete coverage.  Then I brought in my Viva Colour Inka Gold and let them each choose a color and showed them how to spread it on thinly with their finger tips to reveal the texture and detail of all the things they glued onto the letters.

For the final layer I brought in a great mix of beads, sequins and glitter.  I went with clear and white so it matched with all of them as I had limited funds to spend and couldn't get a different mix for each and estimate how much was needed, etc.

Again they used Mod Podge and added the bead mix however they wanted - some were more free-wheeling like I did with mine and others were more controlled.  The Mod Podge is still wet in these pics so it looks white but of course will dry clear!

I think all the kids did such a great job!  They really seemed to enjoy the work and were pleased with their projects.

I had two boys in my class and the boys are a bit more challenging.  Girls are easy - it's all hearts, flowers, glitter and bling.  So for the boys I had brought in gear shapes and stars.  Then instead of beads, sequins and glitter they got crushed shells and sand from my trip to Myrtle Beach - they were quite pleased!  This week however will be another challenge.  We are finishing little boxes.  The girls will be gluing jewels to the tops of theirs.  What on earth can I give the boys??????

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