Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kids Mixed Media part 2

Hi all!

I can't' believe it's Thursday!  We had Monday and Tuesday off here AND the time changed - I am all sorts of throw out of whack!  Add prep for Hollyn's birthday party and the 3 ringworm circus of kittens that have been quarantined in my studio for over a month and EGADS!

Today is also my last Kids Mixed Media class so they are taking home the other 2 projects they did.  The second one is a Christmas wall hanging:

This is my sample.  We started with a wooden circle and covered it with crumpled tissue paper.  Then I had them paint reds and greens over it.  Once dry, we added gold or silver paint BUT I had them apply it using Saran Wrap.  they thought that was CRAZY!  hahahah!

Next we painted a wooden Christmas tree shape green.  Then I brought in some Gel Medium and my favorite of ALL art supplies - Luminarte Primary Elements Artist Pigment Powders.  If you have not discovered these little jars of awesome you are missing out!  They are pure pigment and gorgeous shimmer packed into a powder form allowing you the ultimate in versatility.  They can be mixed with any medium to give you what you want.  In this case they mixed the Powder with the Gel Medium for a gorgeous, semi-transparent, shimmering green gel.  They spread it on the painted trees and embedded a variety of Christmas buttons, Christmas gems and silver and gold beads into it.  SO VERY COOL!  They were amazed!

I brought them home to adhere the trees onto the boards, add the felt snowflake and little pine cone cluster and put the twine hanger on.  Fun stuff!

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