Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mix it up with shimmer!

hi all!

good GRIEF the days are just flying by! you know how they say (yea "they") that time goes faster the older you get? at this rate i will completely MISS the second half of it :P the weather has been SO gorgeous here i have spent a good part of my time outside lately.  JUST about killed myself getting my gardens in order.  but oh they are looking good.  still more to be done though.  then poor pezza got really sick.  monday morning she got up, laid on the couch and pretty much stayed there with out hardly talking.  as we got closer to lunch i was REALLY suspicious so i took her temp - yep 101!  went through a stomach bug apparently but is all good today!

while she was sick we watched 2 kitten episodes of too cute on animal planet and i just couldn't stand it.  i have wanted another preggie momma cat but hubby was not too excited about the idea.  well today i asked again and he said YES!  so i am going to let the cat coordinator know as cat season is fast approaching!

yesterday we kicked off the next challenge in the mix it up altered art group on color me creative - use SHIMMER!  any kind will do!  of course i have pulled out my luminarte twinkling h2os:

i drew the branches and birds after seeing a tutorial linked on pinterest.  i thought they were so cute and simple so i gave it a shot. 
they were especially perfect to do an art journal page with one of my life mottos.  some people call it flying by the seat of my pants.
i call it faith - huge copious amounts of faith in my higher power.  i have not had an easy walk to get to where i am now - in fact i have defied some pretty daunting odds :)
after i drew the picture i painted it with luminarte twinkling H2Os.  truly amazing shimmering watercolors in lots of colors and so easy to use!
i used some claudine hellmuth stamps and acrylic paint to stamp some leaves and then added some cut out leaves done on my cricut.  i finished it off with little prima flowers (remember these simple ones from back in "the old days?") and some white gel pen.  i will be taking Dion Dior's Mastering Twinks class in April and am very excited - i encourage y'all to check it out!  it's a great price AND Dion is incredibly talented!

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